About us


The International Rogaining Federation is the world governing body for the sport. The Federation comprises X member countries and Y observer countries. The International Rogaining Federation strives to provide the opportunity for rogaining in as many parts of the world as practicable. This is done by:

  • Supporting rogaining where it already happens
  • Expand rogaining to new regions and countries
  • Supporting increased participation at both elite and recreational levels
  • Raising the event and organisational quality of all rogaines
  • Developing and growing sustainable national rogaining peak bodies
  • Ensuring regular high-quality, well organised and technically challenging World Rogaining Championships

The most important achievement of the IRF has been the worldwide acceptance of a common ethos and uniform standards for the sport. The IRF also maintains communication between rogaining groups, coordinates the holding of regular World Rogaining Championships

 IRF Aims

  1. Promote and develop the sport of rogaining internationally
  2. Maintain fundamental principles and culture of rogaining
  3. Maintain rules and technical standards
  4. Promote, award and monitor World Rogaining Championships
  5. Provide an international focus of communications for participants and organisers of rogaines

IRF Executive

Matt Bixley

Matt Bixley President

Head honcho

Julie Quinn

Julie Quinn Vice President


Rod Phillips

Rod Phillips Secretary


Jan Tojnar

Jan Tojnar World Championships Manager


Sergey Yashchenko

Sergey Yashchenko Technical Manager



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