International Rogaining Federation

Rogaining is the team sport of long distance cross-country navigation. Map reading, teamwork, endurance and strategy are features of the sport.


Rogaining develops your navigational skills, self-reliance, general fitness, and the ability to work in a team.


Rogaining supports and encourages people to develop respect for and enjoyment of rural and forest environments.

International oversight of rogaining

World Rogaining Championships

The World Rogaining Championships (WRC) are the championships of the International Rogaining Federation. As the sport's premier event, the World Rogaining Championships are for the benefit of everyone in the sport: for elite competitors, for organizers, for administrators, and as a meeting focus for rogaining enthusiasts.


The International Rogaining Federation provides the forum to agree on technical facets of rogaining. We maintain a code and rules of Rogaining that govern the World Rogaining Championships and provide the basis for member country rules.

Member Resources

The International Rogaining Federation provides support for member countries organizing events and other developing countries establishing new rogaining associations.

Promote rogaining events

The International Rogaining Federation can include your regional event on our events calendar.